8 Southeast Emmy Nominations!


On Sunday, May 6th, the Southeast Emmy Awards announced that Robert Shaw – Man of Many Voices, has been nominated for a Southeast Emmy Award in no fewer than eight (8) categories! What a thrill!

And, in case you’re wondering about the level of competition, keep this in mind: the number of submissions this year was at a record high.

Here are the nominated categories:

32B – Documentary – Historical                           Kiki Wilson, David Druckenmiller, Pam Roberts,                                                                              Peter Miller and Amy Linton 

53D – Director – Non-live (post produced)          Pam Roberts and Peter Miller

62A – Writer – Program (non-news)                    Peter Miller, Pam Roberts and Kiki Wilson

45 - Commercial (Film Trailer)                             Amy Linton

54B – Editor – Short form (Film Trailer)               Amy Linton

55A – Graphic Arts – Graphics                             Scott Lansing

51B – Audio – Post Production                              Brit Warner

52A – Musical composition/arrangements            Fred Story


Congratulations to all involved! No one person makes a film this awesome. Just as Mr. Shaw demonstrated through his choruses, everyone’s contribution counts. What a team! What a film!

We're very excited to be attending the awards ceremony on Saturday, June 16th. Wouldn't an Emmy or two be a nice Father's Day weekend thing for our Mr. Shaw to have?

Posted on May 24, 2018 .