Press Is Good

Today's the day. Robert Shaw - Man of Many Voices premieres at Atlanta's Woodruff Arts Center in Symphony Hall.

And if you've been in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, it would probably be difficult to not have at least heard about it. There has been a great deal of press in the past couple of weeks including a very nice spread on the front of the Atlanta Journal Constitution's Living Section. And a live interview on Georgia Public Broadcasting's show On Second Thought.

Observing how journalists all seem to find their own particular take on the story is fun to which. Just when you think you've identified all the key points and the salient messages, here comes someone else with a new perspectives. Perhaps that is why they are in the roles they are.

Of course, there's a treasure trove of rich material here. Once the film is out and screened, there should be lots more new takes and perspectives on the wonder and magic that is our Mr. Shaw. Can't wait to see what they come up with!

If you want to see the newest "press clips", go to the media section. There is a page devoted to them.

Posted on April 24, 2016 .

Lois and Kiki talk Shaw

So this happened today. WABE host Lois Reitzes' interview with our esteemed producer, Kiki Wilson, aired late this morning. There's at least one tidbit of information that did not makethe film so it's worth listening to if just for that. But it's also great to hear how they explore the mysteries of Mr. Shaw's greatness. Take a listen, it's good...

Posted on April 12, 2016 .

As If Robert Shaw Weren't Enough

If seeing the premiere of the new documentary film Robert Shaw – Man of Many Voices sounds like a great Sunday afternoon then wait ‘til you hear this: There will be other Shaw-related events surrounding the actual premiere.

You want to arrive by 3:20. Earlier in the afternoon, Mr. Shaw’s esteemed assistant, Dr. Ann Jones, will be the guest clinician at a Robert Shaw Choral Student Workshop. This is for high school choirs and these lucky groups of singers will be giving a taste of what they’ve learned in the gallery immediately before the film premiere. So you’ll be serenaded while you wait for the doors to open. Plus you’ll get a few words from Dr. Jones herself.


Posted on April 8, 2016 .

All a cappella

Attended a great performance yesterday afternoon by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chamber Chorus (ASOCC). Rachmaninov’s Vespers was apparently a favorite of Robert Shaw’s – the fifth movement in particular or so I hear – and this was the ASOCC’s first fully a cappella performance in Symphony Hall. I’m very glad I didn’t miss it.

The performance was also one of the first in a series of ASO performances celebrating the centennial of Robert Shaw’s birth. Per our previous post, there is a long list of celebratory activities to enjoy. Including the premiere of our documentary on April 24th.

Now that you really don’t want to miss.

Posted on April 4, 2016 .

Welcome to April. The month of Shaw!

It's started, folks. The month of April and the celebration of what would have been Robert Shaw's 100th birthday. That birth date is the 30th of this spring month and like all blooms and blossoms busting out all around you, you'll be seeing/hearing/experiencing loads of great and interesting and beautiful things.

Just today, the ASO (Atlanta Symphony Orchestra), WABE and ArtsATL announced their particular schedule of celebration activities which includes the premiere of our documentary on the 24th.

I think there's more than an excellent chance you'll find something in this line-up to excite your spirit and conjure up some of the man's enduring legacy...

Conversations on City Lights:
March 30:  Lois Reitzes kicked things off with a personal interview, sharing her memories of Mr. Shaw. 
March 31:  Melissa Arasi, Voices of Note 
April 1:  John Haberlen, GSU School of Music
April 6:  Laura Ardan, Principal Clarinet, ASO
April 11: Norman Mackenzie, Director of Choruses, ASO “Shaw Close Listening”
April 18: Kiki Wilson, Producer, Robert Shaw Documentary
April 22: Joyce Johnson, Professor Emerita of Music and College Organist at Spelman College.

April 12: ASO Chorus Feature Story
April 15: Review of Brahms’ Requiem and Leshnoff’s Zohar
April 26: Behind the scenes, the road to Carnegie Hall
May 2: Carnegie Hall review

April 3: First a capella concert by Atlanta Symphony Chamber Chorus, Rachmaninov All-Night Vigil (“Vespers”)
April 14: Atlanta ASO Media release of Robert Shaw’s last concert in 1988, Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 – Symphony Store
April 14/16: Robert Spano Leads Brahms’ Requiem and Jonathan Leshnoff’s Zohar at Symphony Hall
April 24: Atlanta premiere of the documentary film Robert Shaw: Man of Many Voices 
April 29: National Release of Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 
April 30: Robert Spano Leads Brahms’ Requiem and Jonathan Leshnoff’s Zohar at Carnegie Hall

New York Screening Set

We are pleased to announce the New York Premiere at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.  The screening is scheduled for May 5th, 2016 in the Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center, Bruno Walter Auditorium. For more information click here. We look forward to seeing you there.

Posted on February 17, 2016 .

Attend Atlanta Premiere Event

Join us at Atlanta Symphony Hall on Sunday, April 24, 2016 for the premiere of a film several years in the making, and utilizing a vast archive of Robert Shaw photo, sound and motion picture images plus rich musical recordings from a tremendously successful 60-year career. For more information and to obtain tickets for the event, visit the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra calendar by clicking here.

Posted on January 20, 2016 .

Gala Recital Launches Film

Martin Goldsmith, Sylvia McNair, Marietta Simpson, Robert Spano, and Christine Brewer take the final bow at the conclusion of "Stars Shine on Shaw". Not pictured is Lynn Harrell who also gave a stirring performance during the afternoon's gala recital celebrating the legendary conductor. Patron contributions and pledges plus ticket proceeds from the event have launched Robert Shaw – Man of Many Voices into production. A special thanks to the performers, partners, and event helpers who each made the afternoon a huge success. (Photo by Jeff Roffman)

Posted on November 11, 2013 .