Writer/Director’s Statement

Robert Shaw wanted to change lives through the power of great music. Even though I didn’t become a
classical pianist, even though I never met him personally, he changed my life. It happened when my college
piano teacher said, “Robert Shaw is conducting Bach’s Mass in B Minor with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
and you need to be there.” So I drove four of my fellow music students from Duke University to Atlanta and
we chatted nonstop during the long drive. But on the way home after the concert, none of us said a single
word. We couldn’t. Robert Shaw and the music of Bach had touched something so deep within us that words
were no longer necessary. The experience of that concert with Robert Shaw has never left me.

Robert Shaw gave this same experience to hundreds of thousands of people in his lifetime. Throughout the
20th century he was an international star and a household name in America, but many people today have
never heard of him - and that is why I wanted to be part of this film. Robert Shaw – Man of Many Voices tells
the story of an unlikely musician, a man with no formal musical training who began in popular music, but who
found his calling in the music of the great composers. Shaw was a paradox, a man beset with insecurities but
who had the courage to act on his beliefs, whether for civil rights, the new music of his time or even taking
music into politically dangerous places. Robert Shaw shared his passion for great music with all who would
listen, and I am deeply grateful for the privilege of sharing his story with a new generation.

Pamela Roberts