A biography about a person - even an extraordinary individual like Robert Shaw - tells you the who, the why and the how of his life. But the ongoing legacy often is merely alluded to. In Mr. Shaw's case, the legacy is vast and it is profound.

Robert Shaw's techniques alone constitute a thing of wonder. Countless chorus directors here and around the globe adhere to them still and use them to elevate the quality of their groups' sounds. His meticulous score annotations are another. Monet may have painted the same pond hundreds of times but did anyone ever so painstakingly revisit the merger of choral sounds with the orchestral the way Robert Shaw did?

And then there are his letters. Decades of them. Every week to the chorus at hand and discussing the merits of musical integrity and devotion. Explaining exactly why all this mattered so much.

So, of course, there had to be a place to house and share this information.

The Robert Shaw website is the work of musician and singer volunteers who sang in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus under Robert Shaw. Many are original members from ASOC's beginning in 1970. A few are still active members. So, it is clearly a labor of love. But it is also a window into the choral magic of Robert Shaw.

If you knew Mr. Shaw, it will be a wonderful reminder. And perhaps an avenue to share your experiences and memories. If you did not but wish desperately that you had then this is an opportunity. Take it..

CLICK HERE TO VISIT robertshaw.website